Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Side Folding Grille Commercial Security

Side Folding Security Grille

Side Folding Grilles, other known as “Accordion Sliding Grilles” are commonly used where a radius is preferred or limited headroom is present and for openings with a curve. These come normally constructed from aluminum, commonly used for Commercial Security . With a wide variety of options of designs; from open rod system, lexan panel inserts perforated aluminum and many more.

Exterior Security Doors Commercial Security

Exterior Security Doors

Many locations are now having Industrial Door Company, install roll-up doors on the exterior of their building. Exterior Commercial Security Doors are added for both aesthetics and security. Once the business is closed the doors are closed the chance of intrusion and vandalism are minimized. Call us to discuss your options for securing your business.

Scissor Gates Commercial Security

Scissor Gates

Scissor gates are designed for maximum durability, Commercial Security, and ventilation. They are primarily seen in units for driveways, storefronts, loading platforms,warehouse doors . Our scissor gates have double steel channels that are riveted together to form each vertical member and connected with double rows of steel lattice bars traveling on nylon bearings and washers to operate with a minimum of effort. Leading and trailing edges are steel box shaped sections. You might find cheaper gates, but you won’t find a better gate.

Coiling Grilles Commercial Security

Coiling Grilles

Coiling grilles are commonly found in such places as parking garages, shopping malls, and cafeterias. They are designed to provide security and protection of openings without blocking vision, daylight or ventilation.

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